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NFL commercialization.

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NFL commercialization.
In the end of the second world war, Authentic NFL Jerseys the professional American football tournament competition to start with the university fans attention. T word formation (T formation) widely used produced fast rhythm, high score attracted many fans. Authentic NFL Jerseys China In 1945, cliff LanGong sheep move to Los Angeles, became the first major league team of the west bank movement. In 1950, the NFL from now not exist the American Football federation (All - America Football Conference) receive three teams, expansion for 13 teams.

In the 1950 s, professional American football finally obtain the status of major league baseball movement. NFL embrace the television broadcasts, give the people the opportunity to follow like Bobby Layne, Paul Hornung, Otto Graham and Johnny Unitas and other star. In New York city in 1958 to the NFL championship Unitas and his teammates become the Baltimore pony well-known figure.

In the 1970 s and 1980 s, Cleveland Indians Jersey NFL strengthen America's top his audience movement status and the important role of American culture. Super bowl in most of the time for an unofficial national holidays and the highest audience rating of TV programs. Monday Night Football (Monday Night Football), launched in 1970 for the first time, because of its hybrid sport and entertainment brings high ratings.

NFL expanded to new market and business risk. Cincinnati Reds JerseyIn 1986, the union began to carry out a series of pre-season exhibition game, known as the American cup, in addition to the United States international place. In 1991, the union football world alliance (i.e. for today's European football league), with a German and Dutch team development league. NFL in 2005 in Mexico City for regular season, going to other countries to continue this game. In 2003, the NFL to start their own cable TV channel, NFL Network.

NFL commercialization.

The National Football League - the team situation.

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The National Football League - the team situation.
NFL there are 32 teams. Authentic NFL Jerseys China Each soccer team in the regular season has 53 players. Different from the major League baseball, the national basketball association and the national hockey League, League in Canada and no team, because Canada itself has Canada type Football League (Canadian Football League).

Most of the large American cities have a team, in addition to the second largest city in Los Angeles, California and Texas, SAN Antonio in the city, and metropolitan area are not a team. NFL Jerseys Outlet NFL is still trying to convince Los Angeles district government funding will be a team moved to Los Angeles metropolitan area. [3] Washington reds are now the professional sports most profitable, the total market value of about 1.4 billion dollars.

American football federation
East: buffalo bill; Miami dolphins; Chicago White sox JerseyThe New England patriots; New York injection machine;
North: Baltimore ravens; Cincinnati Bengal tiger; Cleveland brown; The Pittsburgh steelers;
South side: Houston Texas person, Indianapolis pony; Jackson will jaguar; Tennessee Titan;
West: Denver horse; Kansas city emirates; Auckland raid person; San Diego lighting

National American football federation
East: Dallas cowboys; The New York giants, Philadelphia eagles; Washington reds;
North: Chicago bears; Detroit lions; Green bay bagger; Minnesota vikings;
South side: Atlanta falcons; Chicago White sox Jersey Carolina panthers; New Orleans saints; Tampa bay buccaneers;
West: Arizona cardinals; St. Louis RAMS; San Francisco 49 people; Seattle sea eagle.
The National Football League - the team situation.

The National Football League - games organization.

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The National Football League - games organization.

Summer can see most of the NFL team pre-season four Games (Preseason Games), Authentic NFL Jerseys from early August to early September. Two games "special" pre-season - professional American Football Hall of Fame "(Pro Football Hall of Fame Game) and the United States cup (American Bowl), is not counted in four games, so join this in two special Game team pre-season will end in a total of five games exhibition Game. Authentic NFL Jerseys China

Regular season
Each season in 17 weeks 16 games for confrontation. In six games with the federation for the rest of the group 3 team between two rounds of competition, the rest of the ten game with the same group of away games.

Because American football season short than other sports, so almost every game to "must win", of which cause many rivals against. Every time Washington reds to Dallas cowboys makes the atmosphere temperature, the giant jet in New York Derby is also in the NFL another classic match play.

The playoffs from 12 teams to play in the super bowl two teams. Boston Red Sox Jersey A a knockout (Tournament Bracket) by the union of two of 6 teams play each (American football federation and national football federation).

From two of the four cib division (for each area has the best record in the regular season team), according to their regular season record up for the first seed to the fourth seed. Two cib two Wild (Wild Card) qualification team (for the division of central Africa with the best winning team) will be divided into the fifth seeds and the sixth seed. The third and sixth seed, the fourth and fifth seeds, will be in season after the first round of the playoffs, called meet wild (alliance in recent years also use a wild weekend call).

Federation of the first and second seed in the first round of have the free right (bye), Chicago Cubs Jersey on behalf of the team will be through to the second round of the playoffs - partition, in the face of a wild survivors. In the playoffs as round, the highest survival seeds always and minimum live seeded team play a game. And in every field of the playoffs, higher seeds have home court advantage (contest will be held in higher seeds at home).
The National Football League - games organization.

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